Talsever: Tales of Elsewhere

The source of the domain name is a fantasy world intended for both use as a role-playing location (GURPS third edition, originally) and as a background for fiction. As is typical in such cases, the author's obsessions are rather on display.

Note, however, that this is currently delinked.

Beyond Exploration: Years of Outmigration: New Documents


Nothing actually there. Maybe need to just admit that the old stuff is badly organized, but put it here anyway.

Serial Mirage

Contains "adult" situations, violence, and gutter language; entering asserts a willingness to be exposed to same.


There's very little available in the fantasy and science fiction areas (there's a lot of content available, it just isn't web-available). Oops.

If you didn't come here specifically for Serial Mirage, you probably don't need to look at it.